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"I don't know what's the matter with people: they don't learn by understanding, they learn by some other way — by rote or something. Their knowledge is so fragile!" Richard Feynman    
Latest News    
You can view the latest video material from the Thunderbolts Project here.    
RIP Wal Thornhill    
The founder of the Electric Universe, Wal Thornhill, passed away on 7th February 2023. His Sagnac award for lifetime achievement (NPA 2013) was much deserved. In tribute to Wal, the Thunderbolts project have re-posted this video. Wal Thornhill: Webb Space Telescope & Fundamental Change | Thunderbolts - YouTube    
2022 JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) images    

Yet again, observations fall in favour of the Plasma Universe model. Gravity alone cannot account for the many twisting and spiralling structures now seen more clearly than ever.

James Webb Space Telescope Images

"Congratulations are in order for all of the technologists involved in the development and deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope. Notably, this success has not been matched by the predictions of the scientists involved."
Wal Thornhill

The Electric Universe position has always been that the universe is one giant web of rotating Birkeland (electric) currents that flow as filaments of helically twisted pairs and braids, and manifest this morphology at all scales. Stars and galaxies are connected via coaxial Birkeland currents. Some mental gymnastics will be required to interpret these latest images to fit the gravitational paradigm, and it will interesting to see if dark energy and dark matter are invoked in order to do so.

On 5th September 2021 Wal Thornhill made the following predictions. See the Thunderbolts video here.

"I predict that the James Webb Space Telescope with its vast improvement in sensitivity and resolution, will reveal the existence of the connecting network of helically twisted filamentary pairs and braids even more clearly. We will discover helically twisted filament pairs and braids eveywhere we look.

"... there is no tool or combination of tools in the standard model tool kit that can produce helically twisted filament pairs and braids, other than by development of the physics of magnetic flux tubes which are, after all, merely an effect of electric currents."



“Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve.” Karl Popper






"The underlying assumptions of cosmologists today are developed with the most sophisticated mathematical methods and it is only the plasma itself which does not 'understand' how beautiful the theories are and absolutely refuses to obey them." Hannes Alfvén



More 'mysterious' filaments...    

A recent article in Universe Today reads Imaging the Galaxy's Centre in Unprecedented Detail Reveals More Mysterious Filaments. You have to laugh.

Milky Way filaments


D'oh! Homer Simpson



"The real crisis in cosmology is that discovery does NOT change anything." Wal Thornhill


More JWST - The Big Bang never happened | Eric LernerI TV    

What do the James Webb images really show? Article here

The End of the Dark Ages paper: Will LCDM cosmology survive the James Webb Space Telescope?

"The Big Bang Hypothesis — which states the universe has been expanding since it began 14 billion years ago in a hot and dense state — is contradicted by the new James Webb Space Telescope images. To everyone who sees them, the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images of the cosmos are beautifully awe-inspiring. But to most professional astronomers and cosmologists, they are also extremely surprising—not at all what was predicted by theory. In the flood of technical astronomical papers published online since July 12, the authors report again and again that the images show surprisingly many galaxies, galaxies that are surprisingly smooth, surprisingly small and surprisingly old.  Lots of surprises, and not necessarily pleasant ones. One paper's title begins with the candid exclamation: Panic!"
Eric Lerner, President and Chief Scientist of LPPFusion

Scientists Discover Cosmic Web Filaments are Rotating Just Like a Birkeland Current! June 2021    

This is no surprise from an Electric Universe perspective, of course. It will be interesting to see how the advocates of dark matter 'spin' it. Everywhere they see dark stuff, the evidence screams plasma and electromgnestism.

Vice Link

Vast Strands In the Cosmic Web That Connects the Universe Are Spinning, Scientists Find
The largest spinning objects in the universe are filled with galaxies, and the finding hints that things in the cosmos may be far more dynamically connected than previously imagined.

  Spinning cosmic filament

Do plasma phemonena account for many UFO/UAP sightings? This is not to suggest that something akin to ball lighting can explain all of them, but there are striking visual similarities to many eye witness reports. See also UFOs, aliens, and all that.





"It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled." Anon

The Safire Project / Aureon.ca (2021 update)    

The real clean energy revolution is already underway. The Safire project has made remarkable progress, including the transmutation of elements! From the new web site Aureon.ca:

SAFIRE can create, control, contain, sustain, and repeat-at-will any number of plasma regimes. No other technology in the world can do this.

Seven years of empirical testing has resulted in a unique patented stable spherical "SAFIRE" plasma reactor. AUREON ENERGY LTD. will commercialize the SAFIRE technology into three key markets:

> clean energy production
> heating
> remediation of nuclear waste

Each market in itself represents a trillion dollar industry over the next ten years. AUREON ENERGY is currently engaging investors to commercialize the technology.

  Safire Anode Tufts
Rapid Luminosity changes! Black Hole or Plasma phenomenon?    

We see compact energetic activity at the heart of galaxies. According to consensus science, this results from Black Holes the famous mathematical points (abstractions) with zero volume and infinite mass. From a plasma perspective, of course, intense electromagnetic activity makes far more sense. See article below.

Further evidence for a plasmoid is now in! How can the corona of a 'black hole' lighten and darken in such a short space of time? From a plasma physics vewpoint — only when the power supply varies.

Link: https://phys.org/news/2020-07-astronomers-black-hole-corona-reappear.html

"We expect that luminosity changes this big should vary on timescales of many thousands to millions of years," says Erin Kara, assistant professor of physics at MIT. "But in this object, we saw it change by 10,000 over a year, and it even changed by a factor of 100 in eight hours, which is just totally unheard of and really mind-boggling."

Black Hole pictured? 2019    

A Black Hole has just been pictured for the first time, at least according to the hype. Conventional theory, of course, has it that nothing can escape the extreme gravitational pull on the other side of a hypothetical Event Horizon — not even light — and that is why we haven't been able to see black holes ... up until now. So what has changed? What exactly can we see now that we couldn't see before?

Well, the glowing elements pictured right are described as hot gases which have been compressed by the gravity and magnetic fields surrounding the alleged black hole at the centre of galaxy M87. Hey presto, a black hole has been pictured, or at least some of the excited matter surrounding it. Bear in mind, also, that the picture is actually a composite.

Those familiar with the content of this web site will immediately recognise at least two problems with these claims. Number one, magnetic fields do not exist in isolation; they go hand in hand with electric currents in space, hence the term electromagnetism, and number two, gravity is not the only force active in space. In fact, space turns out to be alive with plasma and electromagnestism, and plasma is a state of matter quite different from hot gas. Plasmas emit light when in more energetic glow or arc modes. In other words, a plasmoid has been pictured.

"In order to understand the phenomena in a certain plasma region, it is necessary to map not only the magnetic but also the electric field and the electric currents."
Hannes Alfvén

See the Technical II page of this site for an explanation of one type of Plasmoid, the Plasma Gun, and the Mathematics page for a straightforward debunking of the nonsensical mathematics on which black hole theory is contrived. According to black hole advocates, the finite mass of a black hole is concentrated into a physical 'singularity' of zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity. But no finite mass has zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity. This is a mathematical abstraction with no basis in reality. Mathmagics, you might say.

It is important to understand that standard theory — working with only gravity in its toolbox — invoked black holes to compensate for the shortfall in observed mass required to hold galaxies together. No doubt the pictures will help theorists obtain further funding.

People often say I will believe it when I see it, but it seems some people are more likely to see what they believe.

Did you know? In a 1939 paper in the Annals of Mathematics Einstein concluded that the black hole hypothesis was 'not convincing' and the phenomena did not exist 'in the real world'! How often do you hear this from popular science sources? The paper is now hidden behind a paywall, but there is also reference to it at history.com


Black Hole pictured 2019

"Gravitational systems are the ashes of prior electrical systems." Hannes Alfvén





Has the Higgs boson (God particle) been discovered? 2012    
More than 2100 users from various US institutes are registered at CERN, making the United States the lab's largest user community. On American Independence day, 4th July, 2012, and with much fanfare, the discovery of the Higgs was announced. With much less fanfare, many questions about the 'discovery' have since been raised. Your disCERNment is recommended.    
"Mysterious Ribbons"    

The NASA spacecraft, IBEX, has recently discovered another shock for the mainstream, if you'll pardon another pun. Researchers describe it as a “ribbon” of highly energetic particles at the boundary of our solar system, and it has them puzzled.

From the article at Nasa.gov Oct 2009:

The instruments measure and count particles known as energetic neutral atoms. These arise from an area called the interstellar boundary. This zone, undetectable by normal telescopes, is where electrically charged particles flowing from the sun, called the solar wind, pass far beyond the planets and plow into the gas and dust of the larger galaxy...

We ex­pected to see small, grad­u­al spa­tial varia­t­ions at the in­ter­stel­lar bound­a­ry,” Mc­Co­mas told physicsworld.­com, a web­site of the London-based In­sti­tute of Phys­ics. Sci­en­tists think the find­ing does­n’t fit with the ac­cept­ed mod­el of the he­lio­sphere, thought to be shaped like a com­et by the col­li­sion of the out­go­ing so­lar wind and a great­er “galac­tic wind.

It becomes tiresome to repeat it, but these mysterious ribbons are expected and predicted by the plasma model. In this particular case, these filaments clearly connect our solar system with the electrical supply of the wider galaxy.


The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible." Bertrand Russell

Young Galaxies Have Surprisingly Strong Magnetic Fields: Contradicts Popular Theories    

ScienceDaily (July 26, 2008) "The origin of magnetic fields in galaxies is still a mystery to astronomers. Popular theories suggest continual strengthening over billions of years. The latest results from Simon Lilly’s group, however, contradict this assumption and reveal that young galaxies also have strong magnetic fields."

If only the astronomical community would listen to Nobel Laureate, Hannes Alfvén, who explained that magnetic fields cannot be viewed in isolation. Electric Currents and Magnetic Fields go hand in hand.



Galaxies like beads on a necklacead    

Plasma physicist Anthony Peratt has long used the 'beads on a necklace' metaphor to describe galaxies. In other words, it's another successful prediction of the plasma model. From Astronomy.com, May 2006.

"...Trujillo's team found that significantly more spiral galaxies spin with their axes aligned with the filaments they are embedded in than would be expected by chance...

"...Astronomers have known since the early 1990s that galaxies cluster in filaments and sheets surrounding vast voids in space. Now, an international team of astronomers has found that spiral galaxies, like the Milky Way, line up like beads on a string, with their spin axes aligned with the filaments that outline voids..."

  "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool." Richard Feynman
Gravity behaving badly!    

What is making NASA's twin Pioneer spacecraft mysteriously drift off course, apparently defying the laws of physics? Pioneer 10 and 11 were launched in the early 1970s and explored the outer solar system, but in 1980 mission scientists noticed that the spacecraft have drifted off course by hunderds of thousands of kilometres.

Both spacecraft have been pulled a little harder than expected towards the sun since their launch. In addition to possible technical explanations, engineers are now having to consider the possibility of a breakdown in our understanding of gravity!

Huge Auroras on Jupiters    
Jupiter's X-ray Auroras have been dubbed 'Northern Lights on steroids'. They're hundreds of times more energetic than auroras here on Earth! NASA 29/03/2007    
Electric Io    

Io and Jupiter are connected by a 'flux tube' that contains an electric current of at least 5,000,000 amps generating trillions of watts of power! From Solarviews.com

As early as 1979 this paper speculated that the eruptions on Io were driven by electrical phenomena! This EU idea is still anathema to the mainstream.    
Deep Impact and Comet Tempel 1    
Flash analysis  

Credit: NASA/JPL. Image manipulation: Carl Smith

From the first five frames of the flash

By isolating the brightest parts of the flash in each frame, colourising the results, and superimposing them in pairs, it is possible to see how the flash moved over time. The result strongly supports the pre-impact flash hypothesis of EU theorists.

It will be interesting to see how NASA explain this.

  "What men really want is not knowledge but certainty." Bertrand Russell

According to conventional wisdom, comets are left over from the formation of our solar system. Expectations in this regard have shaped our theories, but the trouble is that ongoing discoveries continually challenge the 'Dirty Snowball' model. The copper projectile, Deep impact, was recently crashed into comet Tempel 1 and the results have produced further 'big surprises', although they lend strong support to EU theories, and were in fact predicted by Wal Thornhill. See links below.

NASA scientists were astonished and expressed their amazement on camera and in no uncertain terms: "The blast was considerably more energetic than I expected...”, “The big question is how did we make such a big splash...”, “I’m at a loss to explain it...”

The results still require further analysis, and this could take some time, but the bright and frequent outflarings, together with the much brighter than expected pre-impact and impact flashes strongly support EU predictions. An additional electrical component to comets would explain these.

Moreover, little ice/water has thus far been detected from the impact. In a splendid display of sophistry, some in the mainstream have now re-dubbed comets as 'Snowy Dirtballs' and even 'Powdery Fluffballs'. Whatever next? Cheese balls?

Further, from Thunderbolts - Comets: The Loose Thread

"...'If astronomy were a science,'as one astronomer put it, theoreticians would admit that the theory had been falsified, and they would start over with an eye to the evidence. Instead, they hang on to the theory with ever more stubbornness and hope a little tinkering and adjusting will bring the facts into line..."

From Wal Thornhill's Electric Universe: Comet Tails of the Expected


Comet Tempel 1 impact


"Space travel is utter bilge." Richard Wooley, U.K. Astronomer Royal, 1956

Electric Universe news    

For the latest news on Electric Universe matters go to www.thunderbolts.info It is updated with fascinating articles on a daily basis.

Electricity in the mainstream, shock    
In an interesting development, a recent sciencedaily.com article talks in terms of enormous voltages. Such a reference to electrical phenomena in space is rare from mainstream sources and should be seen as positive progress.    

The below is quoted from the article

"Chandra examines quadrillion-volt pulsar

The high-voltage environment of one of the most energetic and strongly magnetized pulsars known has been surveyed by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. A team of astronomers found a powerful jet of high-energy particles extending over a distance of 20 light years and bright arcs believed to be due to particles of matter and anti-matter generated by the pulsar."

Normal Service is resumed    

There is an interesting lead article in the April 2005 edition of Scientific American. It is entitled 'Probing the Geodynamo', and it focuses on the magnetic field lines generated by the Earth's 'internal dynamo', and the difficulties in measuring these fields. The dynamo driving these fields is the the relative movement of electrically conducting fluids at the Earth's core. It also speculates about the possible cause of polarity changes, which are known to have happened.

However, there is no mention of electric currents or plasma in space, or any potential interaction between space plasmas and the earth's geodynamo and magnetic field lines. Worse still, that dreaded term favoured by the mainstream raises its head. The article says: "We can think of these lines of force as being 'frozen in'..."

The fallacy of 'frozen-in' magnetic fields is explained on the Technical I page of this web site. Hannes Alfvén disposed of it decades ago, but sadly the erroneous concept still raises its ugly head now and again.


"What I am going to tell you about is what we teach our physics students in the third or fourth year of graduate school... It is my task to convince you not to turn away because you don't understand it. You see my physics students don't understand it... That is because I don't understand it." Richard Feynman